Apple Dumplings – 2 ways

It is apple harvest in Adams County, and I have been trying all the apple recipes that I can find!  The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has helped me in my mission.  I decided to try her Apple Dumplings…secret ingredient, Mountain Dew.  I wanted to be adventurous and make it with Jack’s Hard Cider instead of Mountain Dew, but decided that for the first go around to stay true to the recipe.  It was so good..unbelievably good.

A couple of weeks later, my family, always the guinea pigs, came for dinner.  Because there was no Mountain Dew in the house, but lots of Jack’s Hard Cider, I use it.  I am so glad that I did!  While the Mountain Dew dumplings were good, the Jack’s Hard Cider version was better!

So here is what to do…

  • Apples.  I used what I had in the house – Two Smokehouse and a Golden Delicious
  • 2 cans (8 Oz. Cans) Crescent Rolls
  • 2 sticks Butter
  • 1-1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • Cinnamon, To Taste
  • 1 can (12 Oz.) Mountain Dew Soda OR Jack’s Hard Cider!

Apple Dumplings

Try making the apple dumplings with some cider!

Peel and core apples.  I cut the apples into small chunks.  Then I stuffed as many apple pieces in the crescent roll triangle.  Place in a butter pan, best to use a 9 X 13.

Peel and core apples

Stuff in apple pieces.

Place in pan

Melt Butter and add sugar and slightly stir.  Add vanilla and stir, pour over dumplings.

Melt butter, add sugar

Add vanilla


pour over dumplings

Pour Mountain Dew OR Jack’s Hard Cider over dumplings and sugar mixture.  Add some cinnamon.

Pour Mountain Dew OR Jack’s Hard Cider

Add some cinnamon

Bake in preheated oven (350 degrees) for 40 minutes.

Baked Apple Dumplings


Serve with ice cream if you wish…and enjoy!



Autumn is around the Corner

Ahhh, autumn.  The leaves are changing.  The nights get a bit cooler and harvest is in full swing!  September and October are big months for us – huge!  Not only do we harvest our grapes, but our apples come in as well!

With my Grandpa. Poor quality, but I love the picture.

Grandpa Hauser

The Hauser Family started out in the apple biz and we continue to delight in the fall months!  My Grandfather, Jack Hauser, was hired at Musselman’s in the 1930s.  He rose up through the company and in 1944, when Mr. Musselman passed away, Grandpa become president.  He not only worked in the business side of the apple industry but also the farming side.  The orchard that he maintained throughout his life supplies the apples that we put into Jack’s Hard Cider and our Apple Wine.  I cannot say for sure what my Grandfather would have thought about starting a vineyard and making wine, but from what I did know of him, I think he would have been extremely proud.  My Grandmother, Helen, would often say, how much she wished he was here to see it.

Grandma at Hauser Estate Winery’s groundbreaking.

Grandma Hauser in the 1920s.

For my Grandmother Helen, fall was the best time of year.  She would have been 102 years this October.   Up until her passing this past March, she participated in Apple Harvest during the first two weeks of October.   She was an institution to many people who came through the area to get apples during those weekends. Those who stopped, heard all about Jack and her family, the winery and what apples to use when making a pie!  Many people stop at our apple stand, which is outside the parking area  for the Apple Harvest Festival, to ask about Helen.  It is bittersweet for us this fall, for Grandma is not with us this year.

One of my favorite photos with Grandma.

We hope to honor both their memories by continuing the great agricultural tradition in the Adams County area.  Whether growing grapes or apples, we want to create the best product possible.  We have a large legacy to live up to and hope that both Jack and Helen are proud of us!


More October events!

October is so much fun.  The weather is usually cooperative, cool and dry.  It may be the perfect time of the year!   We have lots of fun things to do this October…other than music!

Ladies night is soon –   October 3.   Some great vendors will join us for a fun fall night.  So grab your girlfriends or boyfriends (they are allowed too) and join us!

Fabio Carella Catering – providing food for purchase.
bare Skin Care – will offer chair massages, demonstrations of services and discounted aesthetic treatments.
Robin’s Bags and What Knots – great purses, watches and accessories!
Tastefully Simple – yummy foods

Lark Gifts – unique gifts
Sweet – candy
Wendy Heiges jewelry – beautiful handmade jewelry
Wild Tree    – dressings, oils and sauces

Silpada Designs – designer jewelry
Mary Kay Cosmetics – makeup and skin care
Fibi & Clo – cutie sandels
Celadon Road  -organic home and personal care

Joan Lenker – porcelain and glass artist
cookie lee jewelry – fun jewelry

Zumba demonstration starting at 7:15pm!

We will be learning the Night Club 2-Step during the next Dancing with the Vines, on October 10 from 6-9.  Our Dancing with the Vines series occurs the second Wednesday of the month and focuses on a different style of dance.  Come yourself ($5) or with a partner ($8/pair).   We have a welcome reception from 6-7 to enjoy some wine and get to know everyone.  The class begins at 7 and ends at 8pm.  Then students are welcome to stay and practice!

Trivia Night is back on October 17 from 6-9.  This is our last trivia night until 2013!  We are taking a break for the months of November and December because of the holidays.  So join us in October before the break!

Yappy Hour and Yoga return on October 28.  Yoga on the Hill is a great way to start (or end) the week.  Our yoga instructor will guide you through a great workout and ready you for life’s challenges.  Then you can stay and have a glass of wine or cider!  Yappy Hour is a special extra time for our furry friends.  We always allow pets, but our Yappy Hour is a little more animal friendly.  Lots of water bowls, and treat so your puppy can have fun too!

We are going to have some extra  fun days toward the end of the month.  Since October is apple harvest, we want to see (and taste) your apple pie making skills!  Do you make a mean apple pie?  If so, on Sunday, October 21, bring up you delish dish and we will have a pie contest!  Check our website in the near future for more details!

Apple pieIn honor of Halloween, we want to see some creative pumpkins!  On October 28, bring up your carved, painted, or decorated pumpkin and we will let our guests that day decide who has the most perfect pumpkin!   Again, check our website in the near future for more details.

English: halloween pumpkin

See you soon!



Hauser’s is Alive with the Sound of Music!

No, Julie Andrews isn’t at the winery, but none the less, we have some great music this October!

October is our final month of Thirsty Thursdays for the year.  The winter months become darker without it…but it will return in the Spring of 2013!  Until then, come see the final four great acts that we have on Thursdays!  The Soup Band (10/4), Rhyne McCormick (10/11), Greg Pfeiffer (10/18), and Mickley-Paul (10/25).
Hauser After Hours, as always, is still rocking!  The first two weekends of October are Apple Harvest, so after the fair, come up and dance with us!  Voxology (10/5) and the Willys (10/6) will be here the first weekend.  The second, Tuckahoe Ridge(10/12) and Linda Coe (10/13) will be entertaining!

Tuckahoe Ridge


The Willys

Rock, Blues, Jazz and Reggae comes our way on October  19 with Lucia and Levi.  And on October 20, we will have our 4th annual Octoberfest, featuring the Die Immergrun Trio.

The last weekend, we wrap up October with the classic rock band Grand Point Station (10/26) and the ever popular Al Parsons Band(10/27)

Grand Point Station

The Al Parsons Band

Check out all of our great entertainment!


Employee of the Month – Dani

Chambourcin lover, Dani, has been a Hauser Estate Tasting Room Associate since October 2008. She has always lived in the Adams County Area and can remember when the ‘hill’ was just a hill without the beautiful winery atop it.

Dani is a big wine lover and has visited wineries all over the East Coast including Virginia, Maryland, as well as all over Pennsylvania. She enjoys her Thursday date night with her husband at Hauser’s Thirsty Thursdays. She loves the calm atmosphere of Thursday nights and listening to the soulful acoustic artist Rhyne McCormick.

You can find Dani hosting Trivia Night the third Wednesday of the month at the winery. An avid trivia fan, she loves coming up with questions to stump our participants.  Trying to stump this lady with a question is hard!!

Congrats Dani on being our September employee of the month!



Football season has started! Whether you bleed black and gold, green and silver, or any other color under the rainbow- we have a great recipe to start the season off right!

Chips and dip are a perfect and quick way to please a crowd of people or just a few family members. This dip will insure the family sticks around even during the commercial breaks!

Taco Dip

1/2 lb ground beef
1 can refried beans (I use fat-free)
1 packet taco seasoning
8 oz sour cream
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350.

In a skillet, brown the ground beef over medium heat then drain. Mix beans, cooked ground beef and taco seasoning. Spread bean mixture in the bottom of a 9×13-inch baking dish. Spread the sour cream on top of the beans and then top with cheese.

Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly. Serve with Fritos or your favorite tortilla chips.

A hardy and tasty dip will go down great with a Jack’s Hard Cider.  Or if you lean more to wine, might we suggest a pairing of the Devils Den.



Music in the Fall

September has started and our music continues!

Thirsty Thursday in September continues with some great singers…September 6 – Greg Pfeiffer, September 13 – Linda Coe, September 20 – Rhyne McCormick, September 27 – Suzi Brown.  Check our their links!

Greg Pfeiffer

Rhyne McCormick

Suzi Brown

Hauser After Hours has a great line up this September…check it out!

September 7 – The Willys

The Willys
September 7

September 8 – Tuckahoe Ridge

September 14 –  Schizophonic

September 14

September 15 – Motown Sounds with Tyrone

September 21 – Grand Point Station

Grand Point Station
September 21

September 22 – Skyla Burrell Band

Skyla Burrell Band
September 22

September 28 – Klinger McFry Band

Klinger McFry Band
September 28

September 29 – the Al Parsons Band

the Al Parsons Band
September 29

Not to be outdone by Thursday, Friday and Saturday,  Joshua Morningstar will be here on Sunday, September 9 from 2-4!

Come visit and listen to some great music while enjoying the great fall weather with a glass of wine!